Bent Guitar Tables

In 2006 I had this crazy idea of bending a guitar to make an artistic table. After much thought and designing (2 years), these are the results. I fashioned the first in the style and finish of a gibson les paul guitar with a sunburst finish. There are fender stratocaster’s with a blue burst finish and 3 tone sunburst, fender precision bass with a sunburst finish, and a gibson flying v in a cherry sunburst finish. I am making new models now. I use special woods, like beautifully figured quilted maple, bird’s eye maple, curly maple and flame birch. I cut and form the body to match the shape of the guitar model i am making. I purchase nice guitar necks and tuners that match the style of the guitar. I airbrush dyes and coloured lacquer around the edges and middle. I use dichroic and iridescent glass, and all types of different coloured wood for the inlays. The inlays simulate the knobs, pick guard, pickups and bridges. I used walnut for some of the legs and simulated a leather strap laying on the floor. I finishe with multi coats of high gloss lacquer. I finished the first one in june 2008 and it sold at an art show 2 days later. I have built and sold more since then and will continue making more. Check with me for availability.
I can build a custom one in the guitar and finish of your choice.
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