HART Furniture stands for:
Handcrafted ARTistic Furniture.

I am now building more artistic outdoor furniture and other items, bending wood and using natures natural shapes to create beautiful forms.
I love exploring artistic ideas for different furniture. I am building different pieces for the pleasure of creativity. I am applying my knowledge of art and furniture making in a different direction of creativity. I am blending  dyes  and wood, shapes and form and letting my idea’s and imagination form unique furniture. I do some different colours to stimulate peoples imagination, to show what non traditional coloured furniture can do to a room.

I work with most wood such as cherry, maple, oak, ash, Birch, chestnut, walnut, cedar, pine, and exotic and figured woods like bird’s eye maple, quilted and curly maple, flame birch, purpleheart, mahogany, and many more.

 I have been making quality furniture and cabinets for over 20 years. I have specialize in antique reproductions, making furniture in styles of past years and copy a lot of older pine pieces. I reproduce the beautiful aged colours and patina of furniture that has been around for over 200 years.

I do artistic furniture from idea’s and imagination to design and create unique pieces for your pleasure.

I use computer programmes to design and draw a 3D plan, complete with wood grain and colours. I can show what the design will look like, in 3D on the computer, and print a picture of it. I have designed small items to complete kitchens and bathrooms.

About Phil Daniels

I live near Wakefield, Quebec, 40minutes North of Ottawa. I have an inspiring view of a lake, trees rocks and hills. 

I love bicycling, hiking, canoing, camping, cross county skiing and harmony with nature. In the past I have owned a furniture store, a custom furniture and woodworking shop, managed a furniture manufacturer, worked at kitchen shops and commercial cabinet shops. 

I truly love creating beautiful items from wood. I love the challenge of creating something unique and beautiful for people to enjoy.

TV Interview on Rogers Daytime TV Show Featuring Janice Moorhead & Phil Daniels talking about The Artists in Their Environment Studio Tour and Their Artwork.